The girl found out about the cheating boyfriend with the help of delivery service

The girl found out about the cheating boyfriend with the help of delivery service

Unlike her boyfriend, a courier was very decent.

23-year-old American Kayla Speer told the Twitter users sad, but unusual story about how she was caught cheating on his now ex-boyfriend. This helped her honest courier service, food delivery, which moved away from the service instructions for the sake of justice.

Kayla Speer published on Monday 7 may 2018At boot time the error occurred.

The fact that Kayla and her boyfriend lived for a time in different cities and rarely met, as the guy went to University and preparing for exams. Deciding to make a surprise, the girl ordered him to deliver food to the house so he could eat, without being distracted from their studies.

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Kayla Speer, a 23-year-old from Iowa, said she found out her long-distance boyfriend was cheating on her from a Jimmy John’s delivery guy.
In a series of Tweets, Speer explained that she had ordered her boyfriend a Jimmy John’s

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When ordering Kyle said, making a gift to your boyfriend, to avoid problems when receiving. The young man was warned that he would deliver the dinner, but not very willingly talked with the girl. And it soon became clear why.

After some time, Kyle got a call from the courier, adding that the delivery was for her boyfriend, said that seeing him at home naked girl. And revealed the harsh truth about their relationship at a distance.

Some time later after the girl told her story, because of the negative comments she decided to close her page. But the fast food restaurant, whose courier will deliver the order, has officially invited Kyle to hold a free party in breakup.

KAYLA!! I’d love to cater your breakup party! Let me know when and where! Please DM me your address and contact info and I’ll make it happen!

— Jimmy John’s (@jimmyjohns) June 28, 2018

Kyle, we would like for you to hold a party in honor of the parting! Please let us know your contact where and when, and we’ll do it!