Russia plans to block stolen and “gray” smartphones

Russia plans to block stolen and “gray” smartphones

The system of control over the stolen goods and grey devices will track their IMEI number, then the device will not fall into the accepted operators “blacklist”. This concept is now considering the Federation Council.

All imported from abroad device (companies or individuals) will need to register the IMEI in the database that will be created specifically for this purpose. To register the device will be available in phone stores or on a special portal. Until registration and approval by the regulator, the smartphone will not be able to make calls, send messages or any other data over a mobile network.

To block stolen devices, users will be able to statement sent to the operator. It is reported that the “gray” smartphones that have never been checked in the database, and will disconnect after 2-3 years after the introduction of universal registration. The owners of “gray” devices will have to prove the legality of the purchase of the gadget following the procedure.

Money financing system, the government expects to receive from private companies that are interested in ending the flow of “gray” devices. Representatives of the “big four” mobile operators were in favour of the gradual introduction of a system of control by IMEI.

It is reported that a similar system already implemented in some countries. Ultimately, the legalization of the market of mobile devices should help replenish the country’s budget.

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