Horst Seehofer goes, but remains

Horst Seehofer goes, but remains

The ruling coalition of Germany faces the threat of disintegration.

Three months after the inauguration of German Chancellor Angela Merkel for a fourth term, the ruling coalition in Germany was on the verge of collapse. On Monday, the Chancellor will make another attempt to negotiate with his long-term ally, the interior Minister and leader of the Christian social Union Horst Seehofer. Before he announced that he would resign because of dissatisfaction with the migration policy of the government.

According to the German newspaper Bild, scheduled for Monday a joint meeting of the conservative bloc factions of the Christian democratic Union (CDU) Angela Merkel and the Bavarian Christian social Union (CSU) — canceled. So, the leading politicians of the party, Mrs. Merkel and her Minister of internal Affairs Horst Seehofer, many years the former Prime Minister of Bavaria, has not yet managed to find a compromise on the tightening of immigration policy.

We will remind, Bavarian politician demanded from the Chancellor immediately to introduce border controls for asylum-seekers and there, on the border, to expand and to expel those who do not have the right to be protected from Germany.

The Chancellor seemed to have signaled that it is ready to discuss a mechanism of the deportation of the neighbors, but the results held in Brussels EU summit, Mr Seehofer was dissatisfied reached with European partners agreements.

First, he promised in this case to sign a decree on the avoidance of illegal migrants in Germany alone, without the approval of the Chancellor. However, last night announced he is ready to leave the post of interior Minister and Chairman of the CSU. “Yes, I said that has provided both posts that I do in the next three days,” confirmed Horst Seehofer on Monday to journalists. However, in the afternoon, scheduled an emergency meeting in a narrow circle of representatives of the CDU and CSU.