Ukrainian blogger compared prices in a cafe in Kiev and Crimea

Ukrainian blogger compared prices in a cafe in Kiev and Crimea

Ukrainian lawyer and blogger Tatyana Montyan visited the Crimea and compared the prices in the cafe with the cost of food in Kiev institutions. Their findings she has published on his page in Facebook

“Average prices in the coastal eatery Evpatoria. In short, Kiev is much more expensive,” — she signed the photo with a menu of a cafe.

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Netizens left many comments under the post, many of them noted that in Kiev dishes such as kebabs and fish are “three times more” than in the Crimea in the holiday season. One commenter wrote that these prices is a “blow below the stomach” to Kiev.

Others have noticed that even on the Peninsula, and cheaper, but still “can not afford the average Ukrainian”.

One user also said that he recently visited the Crimea. “I really enjoyed that. And the prices were lower than ours, Ukraine. Gasoline is generally two times cheaper,” he compared.

Earlier, on 30 June, the head of Committee of the Crimean Parliament on health-resort complex and tourism Alexey Chernyak said that the flow of Ukrainian tourists to the Peninsula has increased significantly, which led to hours-long queues at border points with Ukraine. He suggested that this year nearly a million Ukrainians will visit the resorts of Crimea.

Crimea became part of Russia in 2014 after the referendum in which more than 95% of the region’s residents voted for joining the Russian Federation. Despite this, Ukraine still considers part of its territory and does not recognize the election results.

In turn, Moscow has repeatedly pointed out that the referendum was held in compliance with all democratic norms and in accordance with international law.