The white house has adjusted its “oil” statement trump

The white house has adjusted its “oil” statement trump WASHINGTON, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti. The white house has adjusted the statement of President Donald trump that the king of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdul Aziz al Saud promised him to increase oil production by 2 million barrels. As has specified a press-the Secretary of the trump Sarah Sanders, the king confirmed the possibility of use of the reserves of oil. Previously, trump said on Twitter that the king has agreed to increase oil production to 2 million barrels. “The leaders reaffirmed their commitment to a healthy and stable global energy market for the benefit of all countries. The leaders agreed that the balance of the world oil market is necessary to ensure access to reliable and affordable energy to people around the world,” said Sanders. “In response to the President that the oil market there is a shortage, king

In Ukraine announced the imminent creation of a “powerful” missiles

In Ukraine announced the imminent creation of a “powerful” missiles Next year could create a “powerful” anti-ship cruise missile. On Saturday, June 30, said the head of the Ukrainian Center for army, conversion and disarmament Valentin Badrak. According to him, the missile will be a “psychological factor” the impact on Russia. “It (the rocket — ed.) is a powerful mobile tool that can be used for the coast guard,” — said Badrak “Apostrophe”. The expert acknowledged that the sea has always been “the weakest point” for Ukraine, and weapons he had created a “residual principle”. In the end, it greatly affected the condition of defence at sea, he said. Technical characteristics of the missiles Badrak failed, but noted that it will be able to hit any target at a distance of 280-300 km, noted, “Federal news Agency”. According to the expert, Ukraine limited response, and they need to step up.

Merkel agreed with 14 EU return

Merkel agreed with 14 EU return German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed with 14 EU States on the return was there migrants attempting to enter the territory of Germany. The details of the agreement, the German Chancellor cited the eight-page letters to the leaders of the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) and Christian social Union (CSU), said on Saturday, June 30 DPA. They indicated that Merkel intends to strengthen spot checks in the border areas with the aim of identifying refugees registered in other EU countries. The migrants registered in other EU countries, but in the territory of Germany, should be delivered in a larger “Assembly centers” to register, said “”. They were forbidden to leave the area of their residence. For the implementation of the Merkel plan on the return of migrants was made by the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, France, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Luxembourg,