Named the most popular crimes in Russia

Named the most popular crimes in Russia

Last year the Russians often were incarcerated for drug-related offences, and for murder and theft. Such data on Monday, July 2, leads to RT citing the Federal penitentiary service.

According to the Agency, in 2017 for drug-related crimes in Russia were incarcerated 136 029 man for murder — 122 905 people, for theft — 73 493 people. Among the common offences were robberies and looting — 34 346 382 convicts and 27, respectively.

For comparison, five years earlier, the most common type of crime among serving sentences in the colonies was the murder (156 278 people). In second place was the turnover, storage, sale of drugs (124 955). For theft was sentenced to 97 356 people, for robbery — 55 063 the man for robbery — a 45 066 Russians.

In 2017 in correctional colonies in Russia, there were 495 139. In 2012, their number was 585 020.

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