In Mexico over the presidential election. They can radically change the country

In Mexico over the presidential election. They can radically change the country

Mexico finished voting in the presidential election held in the conditions of acute political strife and unprecedented violence.

More than 130 candidates and political party activists were killed after the start of the election campaign in September last year.

The former leftist mayor of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador can to score the highest number of votes. He promised to resolutely fight corruption.

The coalition, which he heads, may remove from power two of the conservative party, which ruled Mexico for nearly a century.

The center-left Party of the democratic revolution and the party “Civic movement”, which has twice been nominated andrés Manuel lópez Obrador in the elections of 2006 and 2012, and the center-right national action Party have formed an Alliance for the sake of victory over the ruling Institutional revolutionary party (PRI).

The third attempt

Will Grant, Bi-bi-si, Mexico

The current election campaign has become the most severe in the history of Mexico. And today, when finally came the day of voting, many Mexicans see it as an opportunity to get rid of a government that brought the country to handle.

Millions of ordinary Mexicans unhappy with President Enrique peña Nieto and his administration, which they blamed for a sluggish economy, corruption, rising crime and lawlessness.

It is expected that the victory will go to the left candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who is often called AMLO for his initials polysyllabic name. He ranked second in the last two presidential elections.

He put the fight against corruption at the centre of its election campaign and promised to raise salaries and pensions by reducing government spending and raising taxes on the rich.

His opponents, including the center-right candidate Ricardo Anaya Cortes, tried to accuse AMLO of populism and declared him a dangerous loner who can’t be trusted with the economy.

However, the exit polls indicate that these charges are not made a special impression, and that the third time they are ready to hand the reins Obrador.