China has said it is ready to defend the principles of the WTO

China has said it is ready to defend the principles of the WTO

BEIJING, 2 Aug — RIA Novosti. China will firmly uphold the principles of the world trade organization, said Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan.

“China will resolutely promote the creation of a world economy of open type, to protect the principles of the WTO, to support multilateral trade and promote regional economic integration, to promote the creation of free trade zones, to resist various forms of protectionism”, the article says Chinese Minister, published in the newspaper “Germinia”.

Beijing will also promote inclusive, balanced and mutually beneficial development of the world economy, he added.

Economic globalization is an irreversible process. The multilateral trading system with WTO as its center — the cornerstone of international trade and the pillar of the healthy development of world trade.Joong Enminister of Commerce of China

He also stressed that China will continue to be an active participant in multilateral trade.

Statement of the Chinese Minister came amid the ongoing trade conflict with the United States, which China imposes trade protectionism and a violation of WTO principles. Washington, in turn, accuse Beijing of unfair trade.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that the administration is Donald trump going to introduce to Congress a bill that allows Washington to ignore the demands of the world trade organization.