Sunbathe utterly

Sunbathe utterly

The terrible truth about the solar baths.

The relationship of medicine to tan — is sharply negative, but many still love to bask under the sun. The portal weighing the pros and cons: is it possible to sunbathe correctly, and if so, how?

Many decades thick tan served as almost the main indicator of beauty and health. Dark skin came into Vogue back in the 1920-ies — the sun symbolized the attractiveness and even the success (of travel were expensive and not everyone can afford leisure activities on the beach). Doctors of the time believed that the ultraviolet light strengthens the body, and didn’t mind sunbathing.

That all changed in the twenty-first century with the beginning of active health campaign: doctors have more data about the relationship of solar radiation and various diseases. Bronze skin tone wrote in the main enemy of health. With science it is impossible to argue: the study categorically say that tanning is unhealthy, leaving almost no “but” and “if only”.

Fact 1. Solar radiation and skin disease are interlinked

For a long time researchers could not understand how the sun affects the appearance of skin cancer (especially the most dangerous — melanoma). In 2017, American scientists from Cornell University at the end explained the sinister mechanism.

Under the influence of solar radiation, the melanocytes (responsible for skin pigmentation cells) produce a pigment to protect the skin. So we get the tan. But UV rays damage skin cells and their DNA.

The researchers found that when there is strong DNA-damaged melanocytes mutate into cancer cells, begins the formation of the tumor.

Greatly simplifying, we can say that a healthy cell under the sun “creates” the sun and damaged by the tumor.

2. the fact that Do not have to be light-skinned to suffer from sunburn

Melanin is a protective pigment. In dark skin it is more and, therefore, it is better to light protected from the sun. But it should not be that dark, and (or) well and quickly sunbathing people can’t get cancer of the skin. They just don’t belong to the risk group, in contrast to people with Nordic appearance.

However, the skin cancer happen and swarthy, but, alas, quite often detected at a later and more dangerous stage.3. the fact that The Solarium is just as dangerous as exposure to the sun

The sunbathers in the booth must not relax. Solarium is not less but more harmful to the skin because the dispersion of UV rays is very limited, missing the factor of shade, breeze and so on.

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Especially cautious should be people, fair-skinned by nature. Thanks to the media there are known cases, when the desire to slightly refresh their skin tone in just a few sessions in the Solarium turned into tragedy.

Very often there are such stories in the British press — the complexion of many local residents, suggesting very fair skin and reddish hair, making them particularly vulnerable to UV-rays.

For example, the Daily Mail reports that when the young man received a diagnosis of “melanoma” after just six sessions in the Solarium. Unfortunately, the desire to look attractive on their wedding day he ended up fatal: melanoma is not always curable, can metastasize to other organs even after it was surgically removed.

The perennial fascination with Solarium increases the risk of cancer of the skin. Edition of Allure tells the story of a fan of artificial tanning with a solid experience: a woman sunbathing in the Solarium and did not immediately give the value that appears on the face of a new mole. Education proved to be malignant, and she was held on 15 surgical procedures. Alas, despite such a radical treatment, melanoma has metastasized to the lungs.

Fact 4. At the moment UV rays are considered the main factor of skin aging

The first thing that I propose to make any cosmetologist, which turned on the issue of extending the youth — to unsubscribe from sunburn. Any cosmetic manipulations will not be effective (and some will even be harmful), if not to abandon sunbathing.