“Illiteracy is striking”: the historian responded to the statement about “Muscovy”

“Illiteracy is striking”: the historian responded to the statement about “Muscovy”

The proposal of the Ukrainian writer Larysa Nicoll to call Russia “Muscovy”, as the name Rus ‘ was “stolen” from Kiev, affects ignorance and has nothing to do with historical facts. This was stated in an interview with RT, Professor of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov, doctor of historical Sciences Sergey Perevezentsev.

He recalled that the term “Russia” appeared at the turn of XV—XVI centuries, ecow as a self state, which before was called and the Moscow Principality and Russia. Rus was also called “the territory North-East”, which became the basis for future Russian state, mention of this is in many sources.

“Unfortunately, the historical and moral illiteracy of many contemporary Ukrainian figures is simply amazing,” said Perevezentsev.

So, Ivan IV, known as Ivan the terrible, called Czar of all the Russias. His grandfather Ivan III was named Emperor of all Russia, said the Professor. Statement Nicoi intended to insult Russia and its people. However, the writer is deceiving its own Ukrainian people, he added.

As REGNUM reported earlier, Larissa Nicoll accused Russia in the appropriation belonging to the Ukrainians of the name “Rus”. Residents of Russia need to be called “Muscovites”, she said.