Poland returns to the army of the Soviet T-72 tanks

Poland returns to the army of the Soviet T-72 tanks

WARSAW, 22 Jun — RIA Novosti. Poland returns to the service of the Soviet T-72 tanks, according to the newspaper Rzeczpospolita.

“A few dozen old T-72 tanks, which still remember the days of the Warsaw Pact prepared for the modernization and sale of Jordan, according to the latest orders will remain in the country. After upgrading, most likely, they will be back in operation”, — is spoken in the message.

The Director of the military property Agency Krzysztof Falkowski confirmed this information only indirectly.

We respond to the needs of the armed forces. I can only confirm that the deal, which was planned with one of the countries of North Africa, were suspended.Krzysztof Palcoscenico of the military property Agency

Currently the Polish army armed with tanks PT-91 Twardy Polish production, and Leopard 2A5 and Leopard 2A4 made in Germany.

The Polish specialist in the field of defense Wojciech Luczak believes that the decision to return to the system of T-72 tanks associated with the expansion of the army of the country.

“Poland took the decision to build a new heavy division and increase the potential of mechanized forces on the Eastern flank of the country. At the moment we have no other opportunities to quickly and relatively inexpensively tanks to equip the new armored brigade,” he said.