“Infinite jest”. Russian artist drew a comic book about the hero of jokes

“Infinite jest”. Russian artist drew a comic book about the hero of jokes

The author worked on the series for over a month.

The artist, who works under the pseudonym of Durand, has finally completed his long series of drawings of “Infinite jest”. For a month he drew 99 slides, and the initially simple idea so stretched that the ending had to be shifted several times.

I decided then to laugh, but somehow came out #Durand pic.twitter.com/Mp4wGobiOB

— Boris Dyakov (@dyakov_boris) June 15, 2018

“Infinite jest” is a comic about a hero named Ivan, who one day wakes up in the boat and realizes that he got the joke. All stories are told the speaker’s mouth in the sky and painted the world is being destroyed, along with the final remark and laughter. To save their lives, the main character along with other characters forced to flee through the same mouth talking, but, being thus in another anecdote, almost forget everything that was in the previous.

In the end, Ivan is aware of the severity of his existence and tries to find a way out of dream world and on the chief storyteller.

According to the author, when he started he had only a basic concept and a rough list of characters, but the comic is still created “on the fly”. Durand admitted that he is ready to take on a new story, however, what she decided not to tell.

“Infinite jest” Duran – just one breath went pic.twitter.com/H3jRaAvNBH

— at yancha (@ya_germanovna) June 22, 2018