Drunk migrants mauled a woman doctor near Munich

Drunk migrants mauled a woman doctor near Munich

On Friday evening, in Ottobrunn (near Munich), there was a surge of multiculturalism. At the center for juvenile refugees, two of his pupils got drunk and began to brawl. Their names were not disclosed, but the age and origin are known: the 17-year-old Ethiopian 20-year-old Eritrean (however, the numbers do not be confused: many refugees often underestimate the summer, in order to obtain child benefits).

The center staff tried to calm the rowdies in these institutions who would have thought, the drinking of alcohol is prohibited. But there it was. Beating two teachers (including one woman) with fists on the head, “the dashing couple” continued adventures on the street.

There was another social institution — the nursing home where just drove the ambulance: some of the patients became ill. Two of our people from East Africa this machine with the doctors with something not liked. The window of the car they threw a full bottle of whiskey, which broke the glass and mauled sitting on the passenger seat of a female medic. The last traumatic brain injury, several broken teeth and a broken jaw. Was driving nurse with a shard of glass injured his eye, according to the publication Focus.

As a result, the Bashi-bazouks tied to the rescue, the police — even though they tried to resist. But luck “naughty couple” continued, albeit half: younger bro, the alleged 17-year-old (why “allegedly” — we wrote above), was soon released from the precinct for early childhood.

This is not the only incident with the “new Germans” for the last time, as reported “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with reference to the Berlin media two weeks ago in the capital of Germany 19-year-old native of Syria tried to strangle a classmate, who rejected her love for him.

Edward Chesnokov