Unknown heavenly body fell in the Lipetsk region

Unknown heavenly body fell in the Lipetsk region

The falling of an unknown heavenly bodies in the North of the Lipetsk region near the border with Tula about four in the morning recorded video recorders, surveillance cameras and weather stations.

Bright glowing object fell vertically to the ground without causing any damage.

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Interviewed by “b”, scientists are inclined to believe that we are not talking about the gift from outer space, but only on orbital debris. “Judging by the videos, the speed of this object is unlikely to exceed a few kilometers per second. This is quite a bit. Meteorites fly in the atmosphere at a much higher speed. They don’t even have time to warm up to the collision with the ground and stay cool”, — explained “Kommersant” head of the astronomical laboratory, Department of physics, Voronezh state University Vladimir Rasheyev. According to him, “on the orbit was more garbage”: “It is only at first glance it sounds funny. Actually this is a serious problem — it has so much that space stations and satellites have to maneuver in order to avoid collisions.”

Vsevolod Inyutin, Voronezh