In the case of the press-Secretary of Roscomnadzor the amount of damage increased almost three times

In the case of the press-Secretary of Roscomnadzor the amount of damage increased almost three times

Business FM became known that the TFR has increased almost three times the amount of damages in the case of Vadim Ampelonskiy and the other defendants. Three of them were left under house arrest, they are forbidden to use the Internet. However, the Anemoscope page on Facebook is regularly updated.

The investigative Committee of Russia has increased almost three times the amount of damage, imputed to the press Secretary of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy and three of the four defendants in the criminal case about frauds with the calculation of salaries. If the original defendants were charged with the theft of more than 20 million rubles, and now the consequence estimates a damage of almost 60 million However, the protection of the majority of the defendants believes that the actions of their clients do not constitute a crime, and intends to insist on the termination of criminal prosecution.

The increased damage stated in the petition of the Investigative Committee of Russia on prolongation of term of house arrest of Vadim Ampelonskiy and his alleged accomplices Boris Edidin and Alexander Vasilchikov. Basmanny court of Moscow has considered it on may 4 and extended the defendants in the measure until 7 August. On June 22 the Moscow city court recognised this decision lawful.

In the document, a copy of which is available to the Business FM, said that the partners, acting intentionally in an organized group, starting from 27 November 2012 and 17 October 2017, “unlawfully and gratuitously seized cash of the Main radio-frequency centre (GRCC)”, and “as a result of the acts perpetrated, which is the result qualifies as embezzlement the company suffered damages in an amount “not less than 58,5 million roubles”.

A criminal case against several senior officials of Roskomnadzor was initiated on 7 September 2017 the Main investigation Department of the TFR Moscow under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (“fraud in especially large size”). Its main figures were four: a spokesman Vadim Ampelonskiy, a former head of the legal Department, Boris Edidin, head of the office of Roskomnadzor Alexander Merry, and also the General Director of the General radio frequency centre (GRCC) Anastasia Zvyagintsev.

According to the investigation, Roskomnadzor acted scheme, under which the organization was arranged Zvyagintsev’s “dead souls”, which from November 2012 to October 2017 accrued real wages.

Initially, investigators estimated the amount of damage to more than 20 million rubles. However, when it in April of this year transferred to the Main investigation Department of the TFR, it has increased three times — up to 58 million 586 thousand rubles. While the actions of the defendants reclassified with a particularly large fraud (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code) embezzlement in especially large size (part 4 of article 160 of the criminal code). Both articles involve the punishment for up to ten years of imprisonment.

Then, the lawyers said that Roskomnadzor has reduced the amount of the alleged theft several times. In fact, the investigation simply specify the charge, alleged really reducing the amount of damage to staff, but increasing the total amount of damages in the case.

In the latest revision of charges each of the defendants was charged a specific amount, which he received in the form of wages, accrued to other people.

Most — nine episodes — a consequence imputes Anastasia Zvyagintsev, who is under house arrest. She is charged with embezzlement in the amount of 58,5 million roubles.

Vadim Ampelonskiy the consequence incriminates two episodes receiving a salary via the two front men in a different period. However, according to his lawyer Yelena Vyatkina, in fact, her client was a single episode, as a crime incriminated to it “lasting”. The damage in his case, the consequence is estimated at 8-10 million rubles, said the lawyer.

Zvyagintsev and Merry partially admitted his guilt, and Anemoscope and Edidin deny the accusation. According to the lawyers of the latter, the actions of Roscomnadzor employees in General there is no crime, and passing together with it on business Anastasia Zvyagintsev and if something can be imputed, it is only abuse of authority (article 201 of the criminal code), but not embezzlement (article 160 of the criminal code).

The position that the actions of the defendants there is no crime, the defense intended, in particular, to justify the conclusion of Professor the Higher school of Economics Gennady Esakova. “He believes that the only article that I could impute it part 1 of article 201 of the criminal code — “abuse of authority by a person performing managerial functions in a commercial organization.”

Moreover, under this article gets only the actions of the accused Anastasia Zvyagintsev,” said Business FM defender Edidin Arthur Bolshakov. He stressed that he considers innocent and Zvyagintsev, which is “a dime themselves did not have” directing all the money to pay workers.

Bolshakov said that previously moved to dismiss the case against Edicine, but SK rejected a request. However, the defense once again is planning to declare a similar petition.

Agree with him and Elena Vyatkina. She noted that the decision on the payroll — who and how much to pay — took the Director of the company, while employees of Roskomnadzor could not spend the funds belonging to “other legal entities”.

“Zvyagintsev was the Manager of the funds. Roughly speaking, she instructed the accounting Department on the calculation and transfer of salaries. How the average person can spend money that belongs to the legal person?” told Business FM protector.

The term of investigation was extended until 7 September. As it became known to radio station, along with Anemoscope and the others in it are still ten men as suspects. For example, in the case of figures, the assistant to the head of Roskomnadzor Vladimir Pikov, adopted in October 2013 GRCC for the position of head of the Department of mass communications, as well as its cousin with the same last name. However, the official charges against these people are not yet filed. Whether this is done in the future or they will witness, hard to say.

As for Vadim Ampelonskiy, he, like two other defendants, under house arrest, forbidden to use the telephone, Internet, and mail and Telegraph. However, his page on Facebook is regularly updated.