Leading was accused of hypocrisy because of the crying live

Leading was accused of hypocrisy because of the crying live

MSNBC political commentator Rachel Maddow tried to hold back the tears when I read the news the Associated Press that the US border officials take away children from migrants. The hostess began to reproduce the text as suddenly her voice began to break. She chuckled to hide the awkwardness, but as you read you couldn’t control and ended transmission.

Rachel Maddow chokes up and cries on air as she struggles to deliver news that migrant babies and toddlers have been sent to the “tender age” shelters pic.twitter.com/O6crm8cvyR

— Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) 20 June 2018.

Sarcastic and always keeping the possession of the journalist believe not all. Some drew attention to the awkward chuckle of the leading in the beginning, the other one called her reaction awkward acting. “And the Oscar goes to …” — trolls TV host, the user Alex young (Alex Young) on Twitter.

“Not for a moment believe that Rachel Maddow cares about the children in this world. It is, as always, pose” — responds the other microblogger.

Despite the abundance of review in relation to leading to hypocrisy, most users still believe that Maddow, sincerely worried. On Twitter she apologized for the tears, but the fans asked for her not to feel guilty about the sensitivity of nature. “We ALL have to react,” wrote her followers, confessing his love for her.

In response to criticism of her supporters objected that tears, Maddow might seem false because it is usually in control of his emotions and looks indestructible.