Foreigners praised Russian meme giant cat (photo)

Foreigners praised Russian meme giant cat (photo)

He turned out to be close to everything.

A Twitter user from USA on the Internet found Russian meme about the hopelessness called “Again, this giant cat.”

This picture is so like foreigners, they immediately began to make their versions of “despair”. Some even decided to go beyond just text and replaced the cat on a giant Donald trump.

im looking at russian memes and freaking out this is so genuinely good

— sinister gay cabal catboy (@hieromance) June 14, 2018

Consider Russian memes and just going crazy. This is unreal good.

— BASQUIET (@eraserheadroom) June 18, 2018

— ? Anna Keat ? (@copacob_anna) June 15, 2018

The love and support of my friends that I push away because I have a mess I am.

— Fayeilure (@FayeRhymes) June 15, 2018

Approaching life’s difficulties and I do.

— salty salmon tsudere shiba (@SaltyShiba) June 15, 2018

You were hanging out sometime this weekend? Ya

— adrien ! semi inactive (@abstractiontxt) June 15, 2018

The unfortunate fact that this is not an American meme I did.