Thailand has completed the investigation of Fish and Leslie

Thailand has completed the investigation of Fish and Leslie

BANGKOK, June 20 — RIA Novosti. Police in the Thai resort city of Pattaya has completed the investigation into Anastasia, Vashukevich (Nasty Fish), Alexander Kirillov (Alex Leslie) and six citizens of Russia and Belarus, arrested in February this year during an illegal “sex-training”, and referred the case to the Prosecutor’s office to draw up the indictment, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, the Thai lawyer Natthaphon Sika.

“Police investigators have completed the investigation and today transferred the case to the Prosecutor,” the lawyer said.

“They believe that the conclusion can be ready within the statutory period — the next two weeks, although I have doubts about the huge amount of material, primarily reports of interrogations of witnesses, so it is likely that prosecutors may request from the court additional time. The Prosecutor’s office has this right,” he added.

The lawyer recalled that the Prosecutor’s office by law has the right either to make the indictment and to submit it to the court or to return the case for further investigation to the police, or, if it deems the evidence of guilt of the accused is insufficient to close the case.

“Any predictions about the conclusion of the Prosecutor’s office yet to do before. But the accusations are very serious,” said Sioka.

Fish, Leslie, and six others are charged under four articles of the criminal code of Thailand, connected with the organization of rendering of services of a sexual nature in a criminal group. They face long terms of imprisonment up to 10 years in prison for persons recognized by the organizers of sexual services and 20 years for persons recognized by the organizers of the criminal community. This is the second accusation against them investigated by the police of Pattaya. On the first charge, illegal labour and entrepreneurship in Thailand, the Pattaya court acquitted all the other accused in April of this year in connection with the imminent entry into force of the amendments to the labour laws of Thailand. According to them, the organization of seminars and trainings by foreign citizens without the permission of the authorities of the country proceeds from the criminal offences category to the administrative offences not punishable by imprisonment.

All eight defendants are kept in pre-trial detention unit of the prison city of Pattaya. Every 12 days the court extends to them the measure of restraint — detention. Another extension of custody took place on Wednesday in the form of a teleconference between the court and the prison.