Russian rocket with the Soviet engines will overtake the Falcon Heavy Elon musk

Russian rocket with the Soviet engines will overtake the Falcon Heavy Elon musk

S7 plans to invest $ 300 million in the project and to the spacecraft that rivals the development SpaceX.

The General Director of the Russian company S7 Space Sergey Sopov stated that in Samara will be built a plant for the production of modernized Soviet rocket engines NK-33 and NK-43. The Corporation intends to invest about $ 300 million and as quickly as possible to begin space trials of new the return of the rocket “Soyuz-5SL”, which will put these engines. In the Academy we are convinced that Russia, based on the old design and having all the resources, can quickly catch up on his backlog of SpaceX Elon musk, who has gone far ahead in the matter of the return of the missiles.

Developed in JSC “Kuznetsov”, Samara engines NK-33 and NK-43 are on the balance of the state. S7 intends to redeem not only the technique, which was carried out in 60-70-ies, but also all related to it technical documentation, reports

The company intends to upgrade these Soviet installation that they were suitable for multiple launches into space — as American missiles and engines of SpaceX, owned by billionaire Elon musk.

Leading researcher of Institute of space research Nathan eysmont in an interview with “Storm” said that after the completion of NC-43 and “Soyuz-5SL” they can be used for multiple launches like a rocket Elon musk. When comparing Soviet developments with SpaceX projects it becomes obvious that the NK-33 and NK-43 are better for a number of characteristics, including the power (thrust velocity) and reliability.

The thrust of the Soviet engine NK-43 is 1754,9 kilonewtons of thrust in vacuum, and the most powerful to date, the engine family Merlin SpaceX is only 934 kN. According to Eismont, the Soviet Union at the time was a pioneer in the development of the return of the rockets, however, many of these projects were never completed, and scientists feel sorry for the intellectual effort that has been expended. “It’s a good idea need to modify our engines and use them, as it does in its projects, Elon Musk,” — said the scientist.

The main thing you need to do S7, competently to organize work and constructive cooperation, including with JSC “Kuznetsov”. “Our engines are superior to American. I’m not afraid to say that they are the best in the world. Not by chance, for example, US purchasing our RD-180, and half of all launches Atlas is produced with our facilities, — said the interlocutor of the “Storm”. — With American engines it is impossible to withdraw missiles with the required amount of payload, and with the Russian — it is possible”.