Known hijacker of an Athlete caught with another Crutch

Known hijacker of an Athlete caught with another Crutch

In St. Petersburg detained red-handed the most authoritative hijacker — 44-year-old Igor Lovygin known as an Athlete. About it writes “”.

According to the newspaper, the evening of 18 June, he along with a friend named Spike was seen near the shopping and entertainment complex “Continent” when trying to open new Land Cruiser 200. However, they failed for reasons beyond technical reasons.

To detain suspected operatives in place as the Athlete previously has rendered armed resistance during the capture. After a failed hijacking attempt, the men got into his Toyota Camry and went to the Toyota dealership in Saint Petersburg, where they were detained.

Lodygin is in the Federal and international wanted list in absentia with murder and attempted murder on police officers in 2002 who tried to detain him. Then he fired on them three guns.

In 2013, the Athlete had already come in the hands of law enforcement. He was detained at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport when he flew in from the UAE. In Dubai drowned his infant daughter, he returned home to meet her coffin.