Fly cheap and in your pajamas! How to make air travel cheaper and more convenient

Fly cheap and in your pajamas! How to make air travel cheaper and more convenient

MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti, Svetlana Baeva. How to fly business class for the price of “economy” and why the tickets are not worth buying on Friday in the high season, when it seems that the cheap tickets can not be found, market experts shared tips on how to save on flights and get on Board with maximum comfort. About useful know-how for purchasing the ticket on the plane — in the material RIA Novosti.

To catch offer

Of course, a universal rule — the sooner, the cheaper — working, but also to those who did not, should not get upset. “According to our research, the difference in cost for early booking and buying a ticket at the last moment can reach 60-80 percent — said General Director of the Internet service for travelers Biletix Alexander Sizintsev. — But not always. For example, before the may holidays, we recorded a drop in prices.”

Now most of the online services for booking tickets allow you to monitor the cost of flights and catch the most interesting proposal.

Tourists need only to configure this option and get notifications about the fluctuation minimum price.

Maximum/minimum stay

Experts explain that a lot depends on the day of the week.

Usually the prices are higher on Friday and the weekend. Also strongly influenced by holidays, school holidays.

If possible, it is better to search for tickets with a spread of three to five days from the date of the intended trip.

“In the tariff rules for tickets is the concept of “maximum/minimum stay”, that is the time that you spend in the country of arrival, says an expert on public relations “” Timur Yusupov. — Usually for minimum rates minimum stay means that you need to be at the destination in the night from Saturday to Sunday.”

If the ticket costs from Thursday to Saturday is unreasonably high, it makes sense to check the return to another day of the week — the probability that the price will be much nicer.

“So with maximum stay, — said the expert. Here the minimum rates assume you will be home no later than one month after arrival. Thus, the 29 days of rest more economical than 33 days and not only because of the saved nights in a hotel.”

Tuesday — cheaper

In a period of strong volatility of the ruble prices also depend on the day of the week. “If the ruble is falling rapidly, buy the best ticket to end Tuesday, says Alexander Sizintsev. — If, on the contrary, is strengthened with the environment.”