Son detained in Armenia’s Deputy resigned from the post of mayor of the city

Son detained in Armenia’s Deputy resigned from the post of mayor of the city

Moscow. June 18. INTERFAX.RU the Son of the detainee on suspicion in illegal storage of the weapon of a member of Parliament, a retired General, President of the Union of volunteers “Yerkrapah”, Manvel Grigorian Karen Grigoryan announced his resignation from the post of mayor of Echmiadzin is 20 km West from Yerevan.

“Declare his resignation at his own request”, — Grigoryan wrote on his Facebook page.

The last few days in Echmiadzin was conducted parallel to the action — demanding the resignation of Grigorian and in support of it.

M. Grigoryan arrested on Saturday on suspicion of illegal possession of weapons. On the same day in Echmiadzin was detained crime boss Arthur Asatryan, known as “don Pipo”. The NSS was investigating a criminal case in which information was received of that “don Pipo” is going to kidnap persons who planned the attack on him. According to Armenian media, the assassination was prepared by Grigoryan and his men. Along with “Don Pipo” detained four citizens of Russia, who, according to the NSS, are his bodyguards.

Meanwhile, NBC on Sunday released video footage of the search in the mansion and the area detained the Deputy of the M. Grigoryan.

In the warehouse discovered collected by the school and various bands for the military during the April war in the Karabakh conflict zone 2016 of hundreds of cases of military t-shirts, socks, medicines, bandages, condensed milk, pasta, tomato paste, sunflower oil, canned meats, hygiene products, toilet paper.