Military hackers in the United States were allowed to attack

Military hackers in the United States were allowed to attack

The Pentagon has given the cyber command of the US armed forces the authority to proactively conduct a hacker attack. This writes The New York Times, citing a new strategy for the Department.

According to the newspaper, it provides a permanent destructive activities on the brink of war in foreign networks. It is noted that this will help to identify weaknesses of opponents, to learn their intentions and capabilities, and to counterattack. The purpose of the program, “born from more than 10 years of anti-terrorist operations”, stated opposition to the dangerous actions of the enemy before they inflict damage to the United States, the newspaper writes.

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The article States that previously, the division took a defensive position and were trying to stop cyber attacks, when criminals had intruded into the American network. Occasionally it itself, “attack”, and usually this was done to combat terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), and the results at best were mixed, the newspaper said.

However, in the spring, the Pentagon expanded the powers of the cyber command. Now his staff can “almost every day to carry out raids on the foreign network to disarm the weapon before it is used”. Thus, the Americans intend to force the enemy to redirect its resources to defense and to reduce the number of attacks.