In Japan due to a powerful earthquake killed three people

In Japan due to a powerful earthquake killed three people

Three people were killed in the earthquake of a magnitude of 6.1, occurred in the South-West of the Japanese island of Honshu. On it informs TV channel NHK.

Only injured more than 40 people. About 20 people were trapped in elevators, stopped because of the element.

A strong earthquake occurred in the Prefecture of Osaka, led to a halt of high-speed and conventional trains, but also broke the air traffic in South-West Japan, said the TV channel. In particular, the earthquake affected the movement of the 60 high-speed trains on the railway line between the cities of Tokyo and Osaka.

Power company Kansai Electric Power announced that the operation of nuclear power facilities element is not broken, the background radiation in the two nuclear power plants near the earthquake is normal.

According to the National meteorological administration, hearth tremors lies at a depth of 13 km in the North of Osaka Prefecture. In connection with the elements at the office of the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe started a crisis.