Sidyakin: the Changes will improve the quality of life of pensioners

Sidyakin: the Changes will improve the quality of life of pensioners

In Russia, discusses raising the retirement age.

Changes in the pension system will improve the quality of life of not only future retirees, but also current. About it to correspondent IA REGNUM June 14, said the first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on housing policy Alexander Sidyakin (“United Russia”).

“I look at the pension reform not from the perspective of raising the retirement age, and from the point of view of pensioners it will get more. Improve the quality of life of pensioners. Those who have already retired will also be reform to win, they will get more money in a month while maintaining the same rate of inflation,” said Sidyakin.

Changing the pension system it is necessary to increase the growth of pensions, regardless of the level of inflation — now payments are indexed in accordance with this parameter.

“We have inflation is about 3-4%, respectively, the indexing — 300 rubles per month. If we change the ratio of working to non-working, then we will succeed at the expense of the released reserves to increase the size of the pension is nearly 1 thousand roubles a month instead of 300. And it’s a completely different kettle of fish, this is another possibility for pensioners”, — he stressed.

Sidyakin said that when the Soviet Union collapsed, all countries except Uzbekistan and Russia has raised the retirement age “just because it is a requirement of time.”