Netizens were offended by the President of France because of the expensive dishes

Netizens were offended by the President of France because of the expensive dishes

Twitter users angry at the President of France Emmanuel Makron laid out after its representative a press-services of the video where he accuses people in poverty, and talks about money, using phrases from conversational speech.

The President of France Emmanuel macron was in the center of a scandal involving a hypocritical attitude to budget money. About it reports BBC News.

According to the Agency, netizens angry at the French leader after investigation of the satirical magazine Le Canard enchaîné about the expensive set and posted on Twitter a video in which Makron arrogantly talks about the poverty of the citizens of France.

Le Président ? Toujours exigeant. Pas encore satisfait du qu il prononcera discours demain au congrès de la Mutualité, il nous le précise donc brief ! Au boulot rated !

— Sibeth Ndiaye (@SibNdiaye) 12 Jun 2018

Video published on 12 June by the representative of the press service of Macron Sibet Ndiaye (Ndiaye Sibeth), quickly became viral and caused outrage among the French. On record it is audible, as the leader of France in a contemptuous tone speaks of the poor and talks about the budget, using a conversational style.

“Let’s see where we are on welfare. We invest a lot of money in poverty, and people are still poor. They do not go out of this state. People who are born poor, die poor. We need to think of something to allow people to get out of there”, — quotes BBC News.

A few days later, on 14 June, became aware of the procurement at the Elysee Palace new set value of 50 thousand euros (more than 3.6 million rubles). However, as it turned Le Canard enchaîné, its real value is close to 500 thousand euros, which is almost 10 times higher than the stated price. The service was ordered at the factory of Sèvres, which since 1848 specializiruetsya in the production of porcelain and supplies products to the Elysee Palace.

After that the French President was accused of attachment to a privileged life, excessive waste, and isolation from the lives of the citizens of the country. “You put truckloads of money in the pot, and people are still unhappy,” said Twitter user jmc. The Makron also recalled his last year’s statements of opponents of reform of employment legislation when he called them lazy.