Scot bought at auction a painting for $500 with the view from your window

Scot bought at auction a painting for $500 with the view from your window

The family of his enthusiasm is not shared.

Train driver Stuart Slicer from Scotland became famous on Twitter because of its reckless purchase. Along with friends Stuart went to a charity event where, after drinking a couple of cocktails, bought at auction a giant picture of a meter in height and three feet in length.

On the canvas was a picture of the famous bridge Fort bridge, which is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO and that the Slicer goes every day during work.

So grandad was at a sportsman’s dinner and bought a 10ft X 4ft picture of the forth rail bridge. Seemingly he forgot he could just open da blinds ?? granny not happy with him ? ♂ app??

— Murphy Green (@no1border) June 11, 2018

The grandfather was at a sports dinner and bought a picture of the Fort-bridge. But he forgot that only can open the curtains on the window. Grandma im not very happy.

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Picture, and with it the tour of the bridge, cost the Scot is about $ 500. But wife and children did not share his enthusiasm.

First, the canvas was huge. To bring him into the apartment, had to use Windows. Neither one of the walls, it also did not fit. Plus, the picture is exactly the same as the view from the window of his apartment. But because even the son living in the same house on the floor above, did not want to accept such a generous gift. But grandson posted a video and photo to Twitter where it became popular.

He phone dad to come down because he had a surprise and I can assure you it was a big surprise. Grandad looks tiny next to it ?

— Murphy Green (@no1border) June 11, 2018

He called my father and told him to come and he’s got a big surprise. I could swear it really was a big surprise. Grandfather looks very small next to the picture.

In the end, after much persuasion, the family, the Scot decided to sell the painting and a guided tour through the Internet and give the money to charity.