Vystrelivshey in person while dancing FBI agent indicted

Vystrelivshey in person while dancing FBI agent indicted

MOSCOW, 13 Jun — RIA Novosti. FBI agent chase Bishop, accidentally started a fire in the club during the dance, charged with assault, reports ABC TV channel with reference to the district attorney of Denver Beth McCann.

As reports TV channel, Bishop turned himself in to police on Tuesday. He was charged with assault second degree.

However, according to McCann, even before receiving test results for alcohol in the blood of the agent may be facing new charges.

“We do not expect the results of the analysis of alcohol content in the blood, which, we understand, may take another week, and the allegations now presented as sufficient evidence. If, after receiving new evidence will require additional charges, we will be able to nominate them,” said McCann.

According to the channel, on Wednesday, the Bishop must appear at court for arraignment.

Earlier it was reported that police in the U.S. Denver is investigating the incident with the employee of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), which had a rest in night club and accidentally shot a visitor from a service weapon.

Videos posted on social networks show that the cause of the incident was out on the dance floor and dropped the gun from a waist holster in the performance of a back flip. A shot rang out when the dancer FBI tried to raise the weapon. The injured visitor was wounded in the leg and was hospitalized.

This @FBI agent was dancing at a Denver bar on Saturday night. Did a back flip, the gun falls. He picks it up and a round is fired, hitting a man (he’ll be ok.) @DenverPolice investigating. #9News pic.twitter.com/MwV1WpNzAQ

— Ryan Haarer (@RyanHaarer) 3 Jun 2018

It is noted that the FBI agent was not in the line of duty. As part of the investigation authorities are awaiting the results of Toxicological examination, in particular, the presence of alcohol or drugs in the blood arrow.