In Rome, said that Russia can protect European civilization

In Rome, said that Russia can protect European civilization

MOSCOW, 13 Jun — RIA Novosti. Russia — a fundamental ally in the fight against terrorism, should cooperate with it to protect European civilization from the extremists, said Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Italian Ministry of Matteo Salvini.

“I am very glad that the American President Donald trump has the same intentions against Russia, as I do. Russia is our fundamental ally against terrorism. We Europeans need to work together with Russian President Vladimir Putin to protect our civilization from attacks by Islamist extremists”, — he said the newspaper “Izvestia”.

The position of the new Italian government

Previously I stated about the readiness of Italy to discuss the status of the Crimea and admitted that Rome will veto the extension of European sanctions related to the Crimea to Russia. He also noted that Italy’s relations with Moscow must proceed from the principle of good-neighbourliness, as Russia is a significant partner in trade and energy.

The new government of Italy established the need for the lifting of sanctions against Russia in the “government contract” which the “5 star Movement” and the party “League”, which is appropriate, entered into before the formation of the new Cabinet of Ministers. In the section on international relations, says that Rome stands for openness towards Moscow, which is “not a threat, and an increasingly important trading partner” and “strategic interlocutor for the resolution of regional crises (Syria, Libya, Yemen)”. In this regard, the paper suggests that the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions.