Scientists have shown the “ideal” woman

Scientists have shown the “ideal” woman

MOSCOW, June 12 — RIA Novosti. Professor at Birmingham University, anthropologist Alice Roberts presented the “ideal” woman, devoid of all evolutionary “flaws” inherent in the human body, according to Newsweek.

Roberts has developed “improved” the fairer sex especially for a documentary, focusing on the scientific perspectives of creation the perfect man.

Anthropologist decided to deviate from the canonical evolutionary processes and to take your creations all the best of the animal Kingdom.

Human skin, she replaced the cover as reptiles, protect against UV rays. The respiratory system borrowed from birds, to improve the absorption of oxygen. Roberts added the woman’s kangaroo bag for bearing offspring and the extra arteries to reduce the risk of heart attack. Ears for his creation, the researcher off the bat. It also gave “perfect” woman with bird claws instead of feet — this will increase your speed, but the ability to climb hills will disappear.