Named the most popular profession in prison

Named the most popular profession in prison

The Federal service of execution of punishments told what professions are in prison are most needed. It is reported by RT.

According to the FSIN, the most popular profession is the master of finishing construction works, welders, bricklayers, concrete workers, milling machine operators, tractor operators and electricians. Also popular seamstresses, tailors, cutters, cooks, barbers, cattle breeders, vegetable growers, bakers, manufacturers of artistic wooden products, wood turning, boiler house operators, turners, and others.

“The list of professions is adjusted based on the production needs of the facility, as well as taking into account the demand of occupations for which the convicts can work after release from correctional institutions”, — have informed in FSIN.

They added that the adaptation of prisoners includes training. You can choose from 168 occupations in the group “Art and culture”, “computer science”, “Agriculture, forestry and fishing”, “engineering” and others. In addition, over the past five years has appeared a new profession: for example, firefighter, operator of electronic computer and computing machines and plumber.