“I should have been born dead”: the story of a woman who survived abortion

“I should have been born dead”: the story of a woman who survived abortion

When Melissa ODEN was 14 years old, she learned a shocking truth — her mother tried to abort her pregnancy. Melissa saved by a nurse who heard her crying child by this time was lying among the medical waste in the American hospital. This is the story of how she survived and about her mother, who believed that Melissa was dead.

“I grew up knowing that was born premature, and then adopted me,” says 41-year-old Melissa ODEN.

I didn’t know that behind all this was a mystery. I was supposed to be born dead, instead I born alive.Melissa Edentatathe Fruits of a first love, or Teenage pregnancy

In 1977, in a hospital in the American state of Iowa 19-year-old mother Melissa had an abortion using toxic saline solution.

Born in the eighth month, weighing less than four pounds, Melissa is sent to the medical waste.

There she stayed until the nurse had not heard her weak cries and did not notice light movements.

Melissa was immediately sent to the ICU, where — against all odds — she survived.

The doctors were expecting her to be blind, and at some point suspected she had a deadly heart defect.

But in the end she turned out perfectly healthy in foster care. “It’s unbelievable, — says Melissa. — I sometimes want to pinch myself”.

According to Melissa, who wrote a book about her life, she learned that survived an abortion only when her foster sister blurted it out in the middle of an argument.

“You know Melissa, at least my biological parents wanted me,” she cried, without thinking about the consequences.

Melissa did not immediately realize what it was about, but when he realized all and talked with the foster parents, her mental condition began to deteriorate.

“I turned his pain against him, — she explains. — I was lonely”.

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“I developed an eating disorder, I struggled with alcohol abuse. I didn’t want to be myself,” says the woman.

The pain increased, until in five years — when she was 19 — she took the bold decision to find her mother who tried to have an abortion.