Foreigners — a Russian summer

Foreigners — a Russian summer

What is puzzling the inhabitants of other countries in the Russian summer.

— No, not today. Today we whole family going to the country
— Which way?
— On paved (K/f “Moscow does not believe in tears”)


Hardly the snow melts and starts to turn green grass, as at the Russian open summer season. Russian dacha is in most cases not a vacation spot. After working five days a week, residents leave for the city, where for all weekend digging, planting, watering, pulling out weeds hard. And Sunday night back in the city. Tubes. And so until late autumn.

Ferdinando de Fenza, Italy:
“Surprising contrasts: the Patriarchal appearance of the old woman on the street corner sell berries from his garden to feed themselves, and here on the avenues rush expensive cars…”.

Mark Ar, France:
“I really like the Russian houses, I want to write a book about vegetable gardens. This must be done in the near future, because they will soon disappear — a modern girl will not plant cucumbers. I want to drive the car across Russia, to buy in every village grandmothers berries and to cook jam.”

Jack Milton, USA:
“Days in the country passed slowly and lazily. On the background of Apple-trees and raspberry bushes, daisies and trees I collected grass clippings, sawing wood with a chainsaw and read about the rituals Zapotec, while my son was peacefully sleeping in the shade… If somewhere there is a heaven, a country very similar to it. Only in Paradise, most likely, for lunch give something besides soup.”

Hot weather

Frost — that are associated foreigners with Russia. And if to cold they are prepared in advance, warm or even hot weather in summer becomes for them a big surprise. Although they seem to know that we have our own seaside resorts, but apparently argue that once we are able to swim in the hole in the middle of winter, why can’t you swim in the cold sea?

Lindsay Hardy, United Kingdom:
“I was expecting a cold winter and warm summer in September, when the temperature was almost 20 °C, were quite unexpected. I remember the first snow fell on October 15, the birthday of my mother, when we are falling only leaves. I loved the weather, and the winter too because you can feel all the seasons and see the beauty of all seasons”.

Vicki Huth, UK:
“The only negative in Russia — it’s a short summer. Therefore, when there comes a warm time of year, people make more fun time. I am ashamed to admit, but before coming to Russia, I thought that here there is no spring. Then it turned out that summer in Russia is better than us.”