Netanyahu promised to save millions of Iranians from drought

Netanyahu promised to save millions of Iranians from drought

TEL AVIV, 10 Jun — RIA Novosti. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to translate into Farsi and put it on the Internet advanced water use technologies that will help millions of Iranians to cope with drought and avoid famine.

He voiced assessment of the Iranian authorities, according to which 96% of the country in one way or another affected by drought, and 50 million of its inhabitants may be forced to leave their homes due to climate change.

“Israel knows how to prevent an environmental catastrophe in Iran. I want to share this knowledge with the Iranian people… We will launch a website in Farsi with detailed instructions how to recycle waste water to save crops and feed their families,” said Netanyahu, whose English-language video message published on social networks.

“The Iranian regime shouting: “Death to Israel”. In response, Israel shouts: “the life of the people of Iran.” The Iranian people are good and decent. It should not stand alone against the brutal regime. We are with you”, he added.

Iranian officials from their nuclear ambitions, regional expansion and anti-Israeli rhetoric in Jerusalem was elevated to the rank of the number one threats to national security, but regularly emphasize that hostility does not extend to ordinary people in the country.