Figures of the “cocaine case” asked Russia for help

Figures of the “cocaine case” asked Russia for help

The defendants in the case about the smuggling of cocaine from Argentina to Russia Ivan Bliznyuk and Alexander Chica, which is currently located in Argentine jail, asked for help from the Russian authorities. It follows from the letter that their lawyers have been transferred to RBC.

“All charges against us has been rigged, having no evidence, no evidence, not to mention the fact that we have become the poorest narcotraficante in the world. With our arrest in our homes and for checking the result was not anything illegal was found, as well as [any] money or valuables, not to mention the fact that no drugs, no connection with them was not presented,” — said in the letter.

In this case the suspects, who are detained in prison of the city of Marcos Paz (Marcos Paz), lamented that “I feel abandoned by Russia.” “The impression that everyone is comfortable to work with in order to blame outsiders and innocent to hide the real criminals,” they wrote.

According to Bliznyuk, and Chica, the first Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Argentina, Oleg Vorobyev, which takes place in this case as a witness, slandered them to take responsibility “and other criminals and narkodilerov”. Thus, according to the suspects, the suitcases with the cocaine were found in the school at the Embassy just at the time when for the safety of the Embassy answered the sparrows: he worked together with another suspect in the case — former caretaker Ali Habarovym and his successor at the post Igor Horny.

As explained RBC, the lawyer Bliznyuk and Chica Liliana Borisyuk, its defendants are citizens of Russia. It is noted that before his arrest Bliznyuk worked in law enforcement for Buenos Aires and engaged in the organization of joint activities of the interior Ministry of Russia and Argentina, as well as the protection of the Russian Embassy. Chica in Argentina were served by tankers and oil tankers in particular, since January of 2017, he was a senior mechanic in the CA Group.

As RBC notes, Bliznyuk and Chicano are not defendants in Russian criminal cases. While Argentine investigators insist that they were the main organizers of the cocaine along with Habarovym, who was arrested in Moscow in December 2017.

The investigation into the “cocaine business” began in December of 2016 after school at the Russian Embassy found 12 suspicious suitcases. They security forces found 389 kilograms of cocaine. For controlled delivery of drug was replaced with flour and sent to the Russian diplomatic flight. In Argentina, was taken into custody two accused of the case. On the territory of Russia arrested three people, one was detained and arrested in Germany.