“Always ready!” What and why it was forbidden to the pioneers of the Soviet Union?

“Always ready!” What and why it was forbidden to the pioneers of the Soviet Union?

Young pioneer is not only a red tie. In addition, it came with restrictions on handshake, football, and scary stories. As well as the recommendation to go to a grey robe.

90 years ago, June 9, 1928, the Central Bureau of Young pioneers in the Komsomol Central Committee passed a new version of the “Laws of pioneers of Soviet Union”. These rules were mandatory for all children wearing red ties. There were a lot, so the chance to create a “new man” had serious.

The fact that a solid trailer to “the law” was a set of rules and customs of the young pioneers, on the basis of which very quickly made a “Memo to the pioneer and the student.”

Even a cursory review of this document may plunge our contemporary is at least puzzling — to the wild and ridiculous seem to be some rules and guidelines.

Some of them seem wild for the only reason that talking about the obvious things — about those to which we are accustomed to doing already on the machine. But 90 years ago — funny historical period — it had to grind from childhood. And with great works. Here are just a few of the rules, the violation of which could easily turn a human into animal:

  • Do not take by mouth that has been in the mouth of another;
  • When you cough cover your mouth with your hand;
  • Not eat others ‘ leftovers;
  • Do not drink from the key or the stream, leaning his mouth to water;
  • Wash your hands before eating and after using the restroom;
  • Do not spit on the floor and don’t leave him the leftovers and clean-up;
  • Don’t eat unwashed vegetables.
  • Watch in bed is not infested with insects.

The fact that in the early Soviet Union drew attention to it, began to deal with it in quite short time eliminated an obvious absurdity, disgusting and natural trash in the home, making the honor of the Soviet pedagogical system. And at the same time shows with what she had to deal with.

Other rules of pioneers trained sight sees the future changes of another nature. In particular, such which was forcibly introduced to every one who heard in his address: “Why the school cornered’t grope girls? The diary on the table to!” Or: “What do you mean the parent form not able to buy? Don’t know anything! Without form at school not to show up!”

It all started benevolently — as advice: “If possible, then get you some spare shoes. In high school, you disguise it: to be in the classroom less dirt and dust.” Or this: “In some schools children bring the gray robes (children’s clothing) which you wear at school. The custom is great and ought to have in all schools”. Tradition can be good, but much better that the Soviet school uniform became to develop not according to the principle of a nightmare “the gray robe”, and the principle of military-style for boys — shirt and cap and the revival of the Imperial style for girls — dress with apron.