Adviser to trump called the words of Trudeau at the G7 summit “stab in the back”

Adviser to trump called the words of Trudeau at the G7 summit “stab in the back”

The G7 summit in Canada ended in a split. US President, Donald trump has refused to sign the final statement and blamed its partners in an attempt to cash in on American business. Germany and France said that will still stick to the document — whatever may be said of trump. Schism of the West can take advantage of Russia — and in many directions.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, leaning on the table and leaning forward, with a reproach looks at the American President Donald trump. He sits on the other side of the table and defiantly lightly, arms folded on his chest, looks in response. Over-the-shoulder peeking Merkel, the French leader Emmanuel macron. He also tries to look reproachful, but it turns out he’s worse than the German Chancellor. Around — a crowd of senior politicians from Europe, America and Asia.

This photo is from the last G7 summit in Canada quickly spread through the media and social networks.

The not only fun and eye-pleasing composition and colours, but the maximum available reflects the crisis, which was the relationship between Europe and the United States.

The summit “the big seven” the developed countries, which determine the vector of development of the modern Western world (USA, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Canada, Japan), this time could not agree on the final statement.

Bargaining is inappropriate

The reason for this was trump. Its bright and unexpected action at the summit left colleagues at a complete loss. He demanded to cancel all trade tariffs between the two countries, so nobody could accuse each other of protectionist measures and called the statements of canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about offending the new duties, the United States is false. Adviser to trump, Larry Kudlow went in his words even further.

“He (Trudeau) really literally hit us with a knife in the back. He has had a bad service for the whole of the G7,” said Kudlow in an interview with CNN.

In the end, trump tweeted at all declared that is not going to sign the final communiqué.

The next day Germany and France said that regardless of the position of Washington will adhere to the outcome of the G7 summit. However, the question is not removed.

USA — the most powerful economy in the world, and any economic scheme of “seven” without participation of this country are meaningless — because G7 has positioned itself as a group of countries, which depends on the world as a whole.

The main problem — in tariffs, which, according to trump, Europe uses in order to support their own business and to limit the influence of American competitors. The reason for the failure of the trump was the position of Canada. Trudeau has promised to introduce a ‘mirror’ measures in response to the increase in American tariffs on trade in steel and aluminium from Canada. However, other members of the “sevens” also did not hide: between the U.S. and partners are growing contradictions.

Berlin before the summit made it clear that the final statement should not count.

As stated in an interview with Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the head of the German foreign Minister Heiko Maas, among the G7, there are problems, “which can not be a reason to hide under the carpet”.