A favorite of women and trouble. That has saved and killed johnny Depp

A favorite of women and trouble. That has saved and killed johnny Depp

On 9 June one of the most popular and highly paid actors in the world johnny Depp turns 55.


Most recently, the artist, writer, musician and producer of world renown visited Russia with concerts in the band “Hollywood vampires”. Well behaved. Scandals were not satisfied, went to museums, saw the sights and took pictures with everyone.

Depp but this was not always the case. Difficult childhood, crazy youth, alcohol, drugs, depression and explosive nature not particularly contributed to the rapid ascent to Hollywood Olympus. Yes, he never really sought. Climbing it happened almost by itself…

The future actor grew up in a fairly dysfunctional family. Johnny later recalled that the mother did not pay him any attention. She swore like a trooper, smoked like a chimney, and was obsessed with playing cards. His father loved to drink and in a drunken state, often beaten his wife, and children. The only closest person to johnny was his grandfather. But he was gone when the boy turned nine years old. From that moment the boy was completely left to himself.

With 12 years he started Smoking, became addicted to alcohol and drugs, which had constant problems in school. Mother challenges son’s special attention did not turn, but one day decided to make him a gift — Depp bought a cheap electric guitar. Music seriously fascinated johnny. It found the salvation of many teen problems and difficulties. In the end, when his parents divorced, he grabbed a guitar, went home to his buddy. Together they formed a garage band and even had a small income from a few concerts in night clubs.

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The members of this homegrown group Depp once said of the legendary Iggy Pop. He invited the guys to perform at his concert. It was stupid.

Behind the scenes of the Iggy Pop concert, he accidentally met with another celebrity — actor Nicolas cage. Nicholas in turn brought a guy with his agent, that he auditioned for the filming of the movie “a Nightmare on elm street”. Depp was sure that we are talking about a cameo, so was very surprised to learn that in the end secured for him one of the main roles.

Despite such a striking film debut and the film’s success, Depp didn’t even think about the continuation of the acting profession. Music became his main occupation in life.

But Hollywood Directors and producers did not. Depp began to regularly receive offers to appear in a particular painting, and those films were not third-rate. The movie brought a lot of money. Their aspiring actor was going to invest in the development of the group. However, at the last moment he changed his mind and spent all my money on acting classes.

Love bugs

Depp’s film career began to develop by leaps and bounds. Grew in popularity, and with it fees. The only thing johnny is categorically not liked the acting profession, so it is attention of fans. To hide, to disguise it does not work. In the end, I had to try to get attention from the female maximum pleasure.

For the first time johnny Depp got married when he was 20 years old. His choice was a makeup girl who was older than the groom for five years. Their marriage lasted two years. Now the newly minted sex-symbol decided not to hurry to make the relationship official. In the calculations of the novels Depp lost not only journalists, gossip columns, but the actor himself. Winona Ryder, Sherlyn Fenn, Jennifer grey johnny he changed women like gloves. It was not until until in 1998 during the filming of the picture “the Ninth gate” actor met the singer and actress Vanessa Paradis. Nobody believed that this romance will last longer than a couple of months. But it was Vanessa who made frivolous and flighty actor to settle down. They almost immediately began to live together. Their relationship lasted 14 years. The couple had two children. But at one point this marriage of Depp broke up.

The actor has met new love — actress amber heard. Their romance quickly became known to the public. Johnny and Vanessa decided to divorce, but remained friends and often spend time together. In one of his interviews Johnny Depp admitted that his breakup with Vanessa was a mistake. Marriage with amber heard lasted only a year, and the divorce turned into a string of lawsuits, scandals, mutual accusations and falsehoods.