How to go on vacation and not spend all the money

How to go on vacation and not spend all the money

How not to overpay for tours and tickets, to preserve the health, savings and credit card.

The holiday season has started. The Deputy Director of the National center for financial literacy, project expert of the Ministry of Finance “support to improving the financial literacy of the population,” Sergey Makarov gives advice on how to prepare for summer vacation.

Relax on your

Do not use for travel credit, to upon arrival do not pay the debts. And do not use travel credit cards.

In addition, it is better to plan for expenses so that after the release of the holiday not to wait for payday like manna from heaven, and borrow money from colleagues or, quite risky for your personal budget, apply to microfinance institutions.

Do not pay with your salary card

On vacation it is better to limit their spending of the allocated and not to use a payroll card, if it has more money than you need in the trip.

In addition, to pay salary card in some countries is not the best idea. It can be stolen, the card can be lost, data can fall into the hands of fraudsters — then you risk to remain without money. And being in a foreign country, to reissue a card and to access the tools will not work.

Get a separate card for purchases

To avoid spontaneous purchases in the vacation, it is necessary to allocate a certain amount for shopping and not to exceed this limit. Better to get a separate Bank card for those purposes.