Chinese hackers stole U.S. weapons for submarines

Chinese hackers stole U.S. weapons for submarines

Hackers working for the Chinese government, hacked into the computer network of the company-contractor of the US Navy and stole a significant amount of information, including about advanced weapons. About this newspaper the Washington Post said U.S. officials.

Cyber criminals stole 614 gigabytes of data, including classified information regarding the development of supersonic anti-ship missiles for submarines, which have to stand up for the U.S. Navy by 2020. Also the prey of hackers was information about the carefully guarded project Sea Dragon adaptation of existing technologies for new purposes.

In addition, the stolen information about cryptographic systems, the data of sonar and electronic warfare. Attackers have facilitated that the information stored in the unclassified network of the contractor, whose name was not disclosed.

The investigation conducted by the U.S. Navy in conjunction with the FBI.