The court re-arrested the top Manager of “RUSNANO” Gor in the case of theft

The court re-arrested the top Manager of “RUSNANO” Gor in the case of theft

MOSCOW, 8 Feb — RIA Novosti. Moscow’s Basmanny court on Friday re-arrested the managing Director on investment activity of “Rosnano” Andrey Gorky, accused of embezzling from the Corporation 198,5 million roubles, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

“The petition of the investigator about the election of a preventive measure to meet,” — announced the decision of the judge Natalia Dudar.

Gorkov was arrested a year ago on Friday, he was supposed to be released — limiting the term of detention expired. However, the night before, the investigator opened a new criminal case, again conducted the procedure, charged and interrogated. Then the Investigative Committee asked the court for a new arrest.

The Prosecutor, however, opposed the re-detention. According to the Prosecutor, the two cases one initiated by the investigator, the victim in both cases is “RUSNANO”, so it had to be just a new episode, and not a separate criminal case.

He Gorkov denied the allegations. According to him, he is already a year in custody and during this time the investigator never even met him, “there have been no investigative actions”.

According to him, he could not influence the investment activities of RUSNANO, was engaged in the investment team, and the scheme itself was multi-stage.