Putin said the re-enactment of the murder Babchenko

Putin said the re-enactment of the murder Babchenko

Moscow. June 7. INTERFAX.RU — the Russian President said that he learned about the Ukrainian “hit list” of journalists from the media.


Any dramatization is counterproductive, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the situation around the “murder” of the journalist Arkady Babchenko.

“Any re-enactment, it is always counterproductive, whatever it was motivated, especially if it goes into the international arena. And you know what was the reaction of your colleagues in international organizations related to journalistic activities,” — said the head of state to journalists in Moscow at the end of “straight line”. According to him, “all condemned the actions of the Ukrainian authorities as a provocation”.

“I hope that nothing of the kind will not be repeated. But we all need to think about how to ensure the safety of journalists, journalistic activities, to release journalists from the fact that they felt any pressure, and unconditionally the right of journalists in their professional activities, to ensure the access of citizens to free information and exchanging this information,” — said Putin.

The Russian President also said that he was not aware of any “hit list” of journalists, which previously reported in security Service of Ukraine.

“This is the list I know nothing. I learned about this probably like you, from mass media”, — Putin said to journalists in Moscow at the end of “straight line”.

“Murder” Babchenko

Information about the murder of Babchenko came the evening of may 29, but the next day the head of the security service of Ukraine Vasily Gritsak has declared that the journalist is alive, and that “murder” was part of a special operation of the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities aimed at the prevention of the assassination attempt on him.