Children’s song about the shooting of splitting network users

Children’s song about the shooting of splitting network users

American Georgie Cohen (Georgy Cohen) excited the network a photograph of the kindergarten, where kids playfully learn to defend against armed attacks. Lyrics-the instructions that teach children, she has published in his Twitter account.

In search of a better school for their child Cohen visited several gardens. One of them struck her a text explaining how to behave during the attack, written with colored markers. “Lock it behind me. Lock yourself. Close the door. Turn off the light. Shut up. Walk over to the table and hide. Wait until the inside is not safe. Lock yourself. Lock yourself. Everything is ready. Now it’s time to have fun!” — was written on the Board. “This should not hang in the classroom of our future teacher”, signed Cohen.

Publication Cohen became viral and has garnered over 30 thousand likes. Thousands of commentators from around the world expressed their sympathy prevailing in American schools situation. “My God, it’s the tune of the song is the alphabet and “Shine, Shine, little star”… What a terrifying contribution to the Songbook,” said Margo Blumstein (Margot Bloomstein). “It’s heartbreaking,” he agreed with her with another girl.

This should not be hanging in my soon-to-be-kindergartener”s classroom.

— Georgy Cohen (@radiofreegeorgy) 6 Jun 2018

Some expressed the view that these poems are useful as they can save lives. Thanks to the familiar melodies and smooth rhymes children will easily learn the user’s survival at threat. However, the majority did not support this idea: in their view, childhood should not be marred by such things.

In late may, the parents of the victims of the shootings in American schools protested the existence of the game for a simulated Active Shooter scenario where the player has to kill the students. Later, the shooter was removed from Steam.