In the same team

In the same team

What will be the reform of military training in Russian universities.

Military faculties at Russian universities will no longer be developed if the defense bill is approved at all levels. More precisely, they will not under the familiar name on their database for the whole of Russia will be created a unified system of military training centres. Why change a familiar system, whether to increase the number of soldiers in reserve and to whom it will put additional allowance in material portal

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The bill changes the system of military training in civilian universities, admitted to the state Duma on Tuesday, June 5. The initiative, which author was the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, introduced in the lower house of Parliament, the government. According to the document, the military departments will be replaced by military training centers. This will allow you to bring the system to a common denominator, according to the Department.

Now in the training of students involved several departments. In the military departments, such as the training of officers, sergeants, petty officers of the reserve, as well as soldiers and sailors in the reserve. In a special military training centers to use programs of training of regular officers for service under the contract.

According to the authors of the document, if to concentrate all training in military training centers, training facilities, equipment and training weapons will be used more efficiently.

Training at the departments and in military centers are not only distinguished by the program. At the specialized Department of young people spend in classes on military training day per week for 1.5 years, sometimes more — depending on the specialty. After the course they pass the fees, which on average lasts about a month. Trained get the rank of officer, Sergeant or soldier of the reserve, are exempt from military service, but have the ability to serve under the contract.

With military centers, today the situation is different.

After training, the duration of which is longer stay in the military Department, the student receives the rank of officer and in accordance with the contract shall go through the service contract.

If he refuses it, he is obliged to compensate the state expenses for training and gets the list of recruits. The bill military centers in the jurisdiction is given to the training of officers, sergeants, soldiers and sailors of the stock. Unlike those who have a service contract, additional scholarship they are not entitled.

“The establishment of military training centers will be carried out in the framework of the existing personnel of the order and does not increase the total number of citizens called to military training, — underlined in the message of the Cabinet. — The purpose of the bill is to improve the management of the learning process of University students according to the available areas of military training.”