Chinese tourist tried to take out from Khabarovsk almost 300 valuable artifacts

Chinese tourist tried to take out from Khabarovsk almost 300 valuable artifacts

KHABAROVSK, June 7 — RIA Novosti. The Khabarovsk customs officers intercepted the largest in the far East, the smuggling of cultural values, to prevent the export to China of nearly 300 items related to the IV — XIX centuries, said on Thursday custom.

“Customs officers at the airport of Khabarovsk were found in the Luggage of Chinese tourists travelling to Harbin, 293 item of archaeological, religious worship, military equipment of the middle ages. The man was going to take out the old items in China in order to sell them”, — stated in the message.

It is noted that the examination revealed that the items belong to the IV — XIX centuries, they belonged to the medieval nomads of South Siberia, peoples of Central Asia and the Far East.

“We were able to determine the market value of all the samples submitted for examination. Analogues of other items simply not available in any of the sources” — are reported words of the head of Department of forensic studies of the customs of the forensic service of Vladivostok Victor Demchuk.

The specialist also noted that the far East collection such a number of rarities, different origin, age and ethnicity, he was in his work meets for the first time. Struck a meeting of experts of the Institute of history, archaeology and Ethnography, far East branch, Russian Academy of Sciences.

“Concerning the citizen of China in Khabarovsk customs office opened a criminal case on the fact of smuggling of cultural values. Tourists threatened with imprisonment for the term from three till seven years with a fine in the amount up to one million rubles”, — stated in the message.