“A serious threat”. Called “murderous” Russian plane

“A serious threat”. Called “murderous” Russian plane

MOSCOW, June 6 — RIA Novosti. The equipment of the Russian supersonic fighter-interceptor MiG-31 hypersonic complex “Dagger” is “a serious threat” to potential opponents of Moscow, the magazine writes Military Watch.


As the newspaper notes, the MiG-31 (NATO classification, Foxhound, translated as “Fox hound”. — Approx. ed.) — a truly “killer” aircraft that have no analogues in the weapons arsenals of other countries. The author emphasizes the uniqueness of the MiG-31 as an active participant in air combat and as a “hunter” of enemy ships.

From the moment of adopting the HQs of the MiG-31 was significantly enhanced with modern radar and missile systems and today it is “the fastest modern fighter aircraft in the world,” the article reads.