Russia was in the top ten least peaceful countries in the world

Russia was in the top ten least peaceful countries in the world

Russia over the past year fell by one position in the “Global peace index” (Global Peace Index), once in the last ten list. This is evidenced by the results of a rating published by the international Institute for Economics and peace (The Institute for Economics and Peace).

The rating includes 163 States that are home to 99.7% of the population. Russia was on the 154 th place. In the bottom of the rankings were South Sudan (161), Afghanistan (162) and Syria (163).

The most peaceful country experts acknowledged Iceland. It is followed by New Zealand and Austria. Of the countries in the UN Security Council, Britain is in the 57th position, France is at the 61st place, China — on 112-m, USA — 121-M.

According to the researchers, the political situation in the world is now the least peaceful over the past 10 years. The damage from the violence in 2017 are estimated at USD 14.8 trillion.

“The tensions, conflicts and crises that have surfaced over the last decade remain unresolved, leading to a gradual long-term decline in levels of peace”, — the document says.

Economic losses from violence, according to experts, is 12.4% of global GDP, costing $2 thousand each individual. This figure increased by 2% in 2017 due to the rising cost of conflict and the cost of providing internal security. Spending on domestic security, most notably in China, Russia and South Africa.

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