Putin hopes for a gradual lifting of sanctions against Russia

Putin hopes for a gradual lifting of sanctions against Russia

Western sanctions will not force Russia to abandon its own way of development, sooner or later they will be removed and relations between Moscow and Washington recovers.

About this President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with the Media of China ahead of the participation in the summit of the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO), which will be held June 8-10 in Qingdao.

“The presence of some restrictions and sanctions we are not surprised, we are not afraid and will never force us to abandon the independent, sovereign development”, — Putin said.

He looked forward to the triumph of common sense and predicts that “all illegal restrictions, harmful to the development of the world economy will be gradually removed”, and Russia normalize “relations with all partners, including the United States.”

The Russian President stressed that countries that “went on about the United States” the question of sanctions, now “you start to suffer” from the fact that Washington imposes restrictions against them. Putin said, indicating it’s not out of the desire to sneer and to prove the injustice of the sanctions mechanisms. “This all suggests that these tools may not be universal, and sooner or later it will become apparent that their use hurts everyone, including the proponents of those initiatives,” he said. Earlier, Putin compared sanctions with the game of football according to the rules of judo.

Putin also announced its intention to give “serious attention” the positioning of Russia in the international arena. “Russia is a country that adheres to the principles of international law, respects the interests of our partners and, of course, will be to enforce our own interests,” the President promised. As one of the factors of influence on the situation in the world, he highlighted the participation of Russia in the SCO.