In the US there was a free taxi without drivers

In the US there was a free taxi without drivers

Use it can only adult passengers.

California started a pilot program “to increase confidence in Autonomous cars”. To start it was decided to taxi services. While the program is running in test mode, but because of the money from the brave passengers will not take.

The only thing the company ask in return, is to register and install a special application.

On the trip there are only two limitations: it is impossible for an unmanned car to drive to the airport and the passenger must be 18 years or older.

The program provides two types of taxis: the first will be the driver (in case something goes wrong), and the “smart” car.

Today we authorized #DMV permitted transportation companies with #autonomousvehicles to conduct pilot programs that will provide free #testrides to members of the public.

— California PUC (@californiapuc) May 31, 2018

While the credibility of unmanned vehicles is not too high after several fatal accidents, but because the producers are going to re-ingratiate himself with the passengers. While their participation in the experiment has confirmed one transport company, whose name was not disclosed. She will be obliged to pass details about the trip (mileage, information about accidents, waiting time, taxi, electric whether it is a car or ordinary, etc.) to the special service.