In the first hand. What you need to know about the “Straight line” with Vladimir Putin

In the first hand. What you need to know about the “Straight line” with Vladimir Putin

Nearly 1.2 million applications were received for the “Straight line” with Vladimir Putin. The most popular questions — about gasoline prices, pension reform and Russia’s chances of entering the top 5 economies in the world.

How to change the format of a straight line and who should not move away from the screen during the broadcast, read the material portal

Time to pramiti

“Direct line” with Vladimir Putin will be held on Thursday, June 7. Traditionally it will start at noon. Broadcast transmission will have four TV channels: “First”, “Russia 1” “Russia 24” and “OTP”. In addition, to hear the head of state will communicate with the inhabitants of the country, will be on the radio “Mayak”, “Vesti FM” and “Radio of Russia”.

How long a straight line, never know.

For the longest time Vladimir Putin communicated with the public broadcast five years ago — then a straight line lasted 4 hours and 47 minutes.

In the Kremlin details of the upcoming program were not disclosed. However, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov did mention that you should wait for the innovations — technological, informative.

A straight line will be slightly enriched in terms of geography and volume of communication taking into account technological advancements that are at our disposal.Dmitry Pescovitz Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation

In an interview with Izvestia, he said that videovelocity from the field this time will be less. According to the source, the crew of the TV channels will be broadcasting in four regions. What exactly, he did not elaborate. The reason — the new technical possibilities for direct communication of the population with the Studio through the same social network.

To a straight line is always cooked thoroughly, miscalculate even such details as the number of pencils and notebooks on the table before the President, said Dmitry Peskov in an interview for the program “actors with Naila Asker-zade”. The Kremlin together with other agencies, primarily the government, is preparing a large array of background information.

But questions never are agreed in advance, he stressed.

Vladimir Putin drawn up for a straight line reference is not limited. “The President has a lot of different sources. And he, of course, has a whole palette, and often uses the information that we had not thought him to cook,” said the press Secretary of the head of state.

And vine-

Questions to the “Straight line” began to gather on may 27. Two days later, they had accumulated almost 200 thousand By the morning of 5 June, the number of applications has reached almost 1.2 million (record was set in 2015, the year is 3.25 million). To send your question to the head of state, has until noon Thursday.

Most of the requests on economic and social issues, particularly housing, raising the retirement age and rising gasoline prices. Russians are interested in the opinion of the head of state on the prospects of the new government, including those created last month by the Ministry of science and education.

Do you really believe that Russia is able to enter the top five leading economies in the world?Dear President! How will Russia out of the demographic hole?

Residents of the regions concerned and the decision of problems on places. Sakhalin decided to act together in anticipation of the straight line EN masse have sent appeals to the regional government. The inhabitants of the island region asked to build a bridge to the mainland — without the delivery of goods more expensive, causing rising prices for food. And the ferry to rely on a constant basis because of the unpredictable weather. In the end, the inhabitants of Sakhalin island pay more than anyone else in the far East.

Collect questions for the President and decided popular Instagram bloggers. In many ways they converge with those that entered the official website of the project — almost six times come across the issue of fuel prices. In addition, users of the social network among others worried about the availability of medical services. Not without humorous questions blogersha profile: “does he Vine?! Whose he like best?” (spelling retained — approx.

In a straight line, unlike the annual press conference, international issues have traditionally been relegated to a second plan. Although last year on it and phoned a resident of Arizona Jeremy Bowling.

As an American who is here in America, and sees a rabid Russophobia in your own country, what advice would You have given me to clarify the situation, to help my fellow Americans to understand that Russia is not the enemy?

Vladimir Putin thanked the American, once again reiterated the position consistently defends Moscow: Russia has always set for dialogue. On this topic of international politics had been exhausted. The main attention was focused on domestic issues.

A Wake-up call

This time the President will contact the members of the Cabinet and governors on a conference call to clarify the situation with the case and may promptly give instructions to deal with it. Media with reference to sources wrote that the heads of subjects recommended to be in place and closely monitor the air. Press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov partly confirmed this information.